CEO Update: The power of purpose

I hope this update finds you safe and well.

Like many of you, I was excited to watch Ash Barty, an amazing Ngaragu woman, win the ladies final at Wimbledon. As a ‘new Australian’ the strength of the pride I felt in our country surprised even myself. Similarly, the success of the Australian Olympic team in Tokyo (as I write ranking 4th on the medal table) is a reminder of what Australians are capable of.

Many parallels can be drawn from these athletes’ drive to succeed with the current crisis we face in terms of public safety and economic security. Hard work, willingness to learn and determination are powerful forces. Combined with united purpose, almost anything is possible.

That said, I know at times it is hard not to be overcome with pandemic fatigue. To all our clients, know that we stand with you. If you need support through legal assistance I encourage you to reach out via our free Covid-19 helpline (02 8281 7980) or make use of our Covid-19 Resources webpage – we have updated the information here and there are many useful tools.

I have seen many of our clients rise to the challenges we are faced with. Our State Government agency clients have changed focus where required and are working to manage many health, social and economic priorities. Likewise our Local Government clients have responded swiftly and in the best interests of their communities, postponing council elections to 4 December and supporting their residents, particularly in the local government areas impacted by stringent stay at home restrictions.

The private sector has also decisively taken steps to look after their people while keeping the engine of the Australian economy running. Businesses are looking at how they can assist with the vaccine roll out – Workplace Law & Culture partners Darren Gardner and Linda Mackinlay highlight how putting this in place could provide a pathway to a faster vaccinated majority.

As part of that sector, the leadership team at Bartier Perry are constantly looking at ways we can work smarter and provide the evolving services our clients need. We announced our senior appointments, a reflection of the growth we have been lucky enough to experience.

As the end of the financial year moves behind us, we look forward to what we can achieve for our clients in the lead up to the end of 2021. Every small step is an important part of assisting with the immediate and often urgent issues they face, while we also look to the horizon as to future threats – and where the opportunities may be.

Author: Riana Steyn